From Families

April 19, 2016

“I have listened to Sam’s practice and I believe he has improved much from when he first began. Please keep coaching him as this art was meant for him.”

– Cary: Sam’s brother
“Thank you very much for your continued efforts in forming, teaching, and leading performances with The Hammer Band. Our daughter, Chelsea, has been with you from the formation of the band, and the benefits for her have been enormous. Not only has her love for music been encouraged, but it has been given clear direction. Being part of The Hammer Band has meant that she can be involved in music from the inside, instead of just as an observer. She is proud of her accomplishments in performing, and in discovering that she has a keen sense of pitch. She is taking a much more active interest in music: simply knowing the melody of “Ode to Joy” was not enough; she insisted on listening to Beethoven’s entire ninth symphony! The Hammer Band bas been, and continues to be, a force for good in our community. Your program has provided accessibility to a world-class music instruction for a vibrant group of children, many of whom would not have even known that such a world existed. We look forward to enjoying The Hammer Band’s accomplishments for many years to come.”

– C.A.: parent
“Thank you for teaching my child how to play the violin. So far she seems to enjoy it very much and always looks forward to her next lesson. At the same time, it keeps her engaged in positive activity.” Sincerely, A.G.:parent
“I think my daughter (Kim) really likes violin class. She plays her violin every day. I would like you to see how fast she learns. She always talks about her violin class. After she comes home from school, she tries to finish her homework and then she takes time to practice her violin lesson.”

– Mrs. L