Who We Are

The Hammer Band  started in 2007, as a response to Toronto’s tragic ‘Summer of the Gun’.


Believing in the power of music and music instruction to help kids change their tune, internationally-renowned violinist Moshe Hammer walked into a public school in the Jane and Finch corridor and offered to teach there. Now, with several professional musicians offering musical education, The Hammer Band is in dozens of schools reaching hundreds of young students in grades four through high-school.

This musical education is brought with donated violins into classrooms to embolden the mental health of the next generation. Plans continue, as The Hammer Band looks to expand their musical education outreach not only across the Greater Toronto Area, but also across Ontario as well, and finally across Canada to introduce thousands of kids to violins, other instruments, musical performances and the power of community and self-empowerment.

Through learning music together, students learn the art of listening, focus, and self-discipline, working towards a goal and working together in harmony as a community. Inspired by the strong desire to make a difference, Moshe Hammer and his team of music teachers hope to help young students work towards a bright future.