What We Do

The Hammer Band organization currently runs its program in the classrooms of 42 schools in the high risk Toronto neighbourhoods of  Jane and Finch,  the Regent Park area, Northeast Toronto and in Brampton.


Believing in the power of music and music instruction to help kids change their tune, he walked into a public school in the Jane/Finch corridor and offered to teach there. Today, with eight other professional musicians, The Hammer Band reaches more than 1,100 children in grades four through high-school.

They take free lessons on donated violins in classrooms within the safety and security of their own school settings. Many of them have been with the program since its inception, with more joining every year as resources allow. Plans are to expand to numerous Toronto schools (and beyond) to introduce hundreds of kids to violins, other instruments, musical performances and the power of team-work.

Through learning music together, they learn the art of listening, focus, self-discipline, tolerance, working towards a goal and working together in harmony as a community.

Inspired by the strong desire to make a difference in under privileged neighbourhoods, Moshe Hammer and his team of music teachers hope to offer these kids opportunities, keep them off the streets and help them work towards a bright future.



December 2015

We are now teaching  at 35 schools to over 700 children!  We are also excited to announce our first Hammer Band Orchestra under the direction of Ross Inglis.  For a complete list see  Our Schools.

October 2014

We are teaching music in 30 schools, including three in Brampton.
And there are 600 wonderful kids that are playing music by Beethoven, Beatles, as well as Fiddle Tunes and Folk Songs. For a complete list, see Our Schools.

October 2013

The Hammer Band is present in 23 schools around the GTA.
When there are so many kids in the program, some show musical talent.  For that reason, we added master-classes and private lessons to those students.
For a complete list, see Our Schools.

October 2012

The Hammer Band’s program of violin and cello lessons begins at 18 schools in 3 priority neighbourhoods of Toronto, including 3 new schools in the Regent Park area: Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public, Rose Avenue Junior Public, and Sprucecourt public schools. For a complete list, see Our Schools.

Summer 2015

The Hammer Band again offers Summer Classes once a week to three schools in the GTA. Summer can be a long time to be without your violin, so we are pleased to be providing summer classes throughout July and August, in three schools: Firgrove, Crescent Town and Lord Dufferin. The program brings the kids together for a fun-filled summer of music.

Summer 2014

The Hammer Band is offering Summer Classes at GTA area schools.

Summer 2013

The Hammer Band again offers full week camp during the first week of July at Firgrove in the Jane and Finch region and Crescent Town in East York.

Summer 2012

Summer camp is offered at two schools during the first week of July.  One was at Topcliff Public School, located just south of Jane and Finch, and the other was at George Webster, located to the north of Danforth and Main.