Summer Programs

Summer 2015

The Hammer Band again offers Summer Classes once a week to three schools in the GTA. Summer can be a long time to be without your violin, so we are pleased to be providing summer classes throughout July and August, in three schools: Firgrove, Crescent Town and Lord Dufferin. The program brings the kids together for a fun-filled summer of music.

Summer 2014

The Hammer Band is offering Summer Classes at GTA area schools.

Summer 2013

The Hammer Band again offers full week camp during the first week of July at Firgrove in the Jane and Finch region and Crescent Town in East York.

Summer 2012

Summer camp is offered at two schools during the first week of July.  One was at Topcliff Public School, located just south of Jane and Finch, and the other was at George Webster, located to the north of Danforth and Main.

Summer 2011

The first Hammer Band summer camp is offered for one week during July at Topcliff Public School.

For the first time ever we offered a summer long program at Sprucecourt Public School in Regent Park.  The classes were offered once a week for the duration of the summer school break.  This allowed students who participated to have continuous violin instruction for an entire year.