What We Did During Lockdown

June 18, 2020

They were confusing, anxiety-filled, and uncertain times for all of us. But this doesn’t mean that our important work stopped. Our services just look a little different during this time of uneasiness and uncertainty. Here’s what we did:

  1. Connected with students and encouraged them to use music and art as an outlet.
  2. Providing one-on-one and group lessons to any students that were willing and able to do so.
  3. Came up with creative ways to operate in a virtual environment, and
  4. Planned ahead for the years ahead to ensure we are able to continue our work both online and in-person.

These program changes were not easy, but our staff, teachers and students were incredible at adapting. Check out the following video of one of our teachers, Praise Lam, reaching out to her students with a positive message.

Finally, we would like to let you all know that we welcome donations of any size to help us prepare for the school year ahead.