Our kids are given an opportunity

Children who learn to play an instrument and perform together learn important life skills such as self-discipline, teamwork and resilience.


This year: 700 children in
35 schools will participate

More than 80% of our kids are returning students every year

We plan to work with our students until they graduate from high school

The Hammer Band young musicians have performed in more than 90 concerts and recitals for their parents, siblings, neighbours and principals

Since 2007, over 2500 school children have taken music lessons and learned life skills in our programs


We wanted to share with you this special welcome we received from the then Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, our soon to be Prime Minister!


We can’t do what we do, without the generous support of people like you. You have the opportunity to provide The Hammer Band kids with the experience of a lifetime through the gift of music.


From a Parent
The Hammer Band was created from the belief that all kids from all walks of life should be given the opportunity to play music. Teaching music to so many kids is hard work, it is a daunting task. In taking on this challenge, The Hammer Band creates an invaluable contribution to the children in our Read More…
From a Student
When I play the violin I feel like I am in my own peaceful world where nothing is bad and everything is good, where harmony is with us all around. -Garnett Grant, The Hammer Band student