First All-Schools Concert, May 4, 2011: Brookview Middle School

August 23, 2011

Hundreds of parents, siblings, neighbours and other friends of The Hammer Band, including school principals and vice-principals, attended our first all-schools concert.  More than 100 Hammer Band musicians from our 12 schools took part, having practiced and rehearsed with their teachers for months performing songs from “The Wiz” and other repertoire, and then joining the entire orchestra in a hearty redition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Moshe Hammer, played a solo piece and then a duet with colleague and Hammer Band teacher, Edwin Huizinga.  We thank Mary Babiy, vice-principal of Brookview, for helping us organize this stellar event.  On hand to interview the children and staff was Louise Brown, the education reporter for the “Toronto Star,” with a photographer.  The next day, the concert and the organization were featured in a full-page article in the newspaper.

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On May 4, 2011, we held our first all-schools concert, Brookview Middle School, when 125
children from all the 12 schools we serve came together to play for their parents, teachers,
principals and vice-principals, neighbours and friends. The legendary Jackie Richardson sang
with and for the children, and Mr. Hammer also performed some solos and duets. The children
played everything from “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to “Ode to Joy,” and did a great job.

Photos by Daniel Eisenkraft Klein